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One of the Canvas wraps.

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Born in 1974, Carl grew up on a small dairy farm in County Cavan, Ireland. Farm work, angling and nature watching filled the days of his formative years. An initial career in agriculture furthered his interest in the cycles and complexities of the natural world. After 12 years as a small scale dairy farmer, he planted 40,000 native deciduous trees on his land, added over 30 bird and mammal boxes and excavated a large wildlife pond for the purposes of turning his vocation for wildlife photography into a small enterprise. The majority of his images have been made on this wildlife haven.

He has spent over 20 years researching and experimenting with photography. He is self taught behind the camera, in darkroom film developing and printing, and most importantly, in field craft. Intensive research and planning are crucial for each species he photographs. He uses Medium Format and 35mm film/digital cameras, and spends many hours in the different habitats Ireland has to offer, to make his photographs.

As a Licentiate of the Irish Professional Photographer's Association in 2009, he acquired 2 Diamond, 8 Gold, and 14 Silver crests in their National Photographic Awards.
In 2010 his image of a back-lit Kingfisher was long listed in the prestigious BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

The following are some of the specialist photographic techniques he uses to capture his pictures:
Long Exposure Landscape photography, (digital and 6x17 film).
Panoramic Landscape Photography, (digital and 6x17 film).
High speed capture of Insects, Birds and Bats in flight,
Macro Photography and Micro Photography (photography using a microscope),
DSLR Camera Trapping (for photographing shy, elusive animals)
Telephoto lens work up to 1300mm.
Underwater photography to a depth of 2 meters (natural light only).

Publishing Credits:
RTE Television, The Irish Garden Magazine, RSPB, The Anglo Celt, Bat Conservation Ireland, Birds Illustrated Magazine, Birdwatch Ireland's Wings magazine, The Guardian, TheTelegraph, The Independent, MRCVS magazine,and numerous other educational, advertising, and commercial publications worldwide.